Approved by Health Department (Govt. of Bihar) and guided by Bihar Nurses Registration Council - Patna.

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The vision & mission of Maitree A.N.M. Nursing Training Institute and Para Medical is to emphasis on our students to have zeal for significance achievements and set high standards in the field of nursing. We intend to care for quality infrastructure, quality facilities and quality teaching.


Develop an attitude and provide the necessary knowledge and skills, to offer our students a world class comprehensive nursing care to patients in every situation and overall illnesses. To educate and train our students to practice and teach their patients the principle of health care and healthy living. To teach our students to work in coordination with the medical and paramedical departments in various programmes for prevention of diseases and promotion of good health in community. To create and academic atmosphere within the group and improve the quality of nursing in the field. To develop our students as individuals who will be conscious and responsible to their profession and the country.